Precious Metals Sales and Refining Made Simple

Many recyclers pay you less than agreed, charge you all sorts of refining fees and then take 90 days or more to pay you.

What are you going to do? Ask them to ship it back.


Too late, its already been processed and they pay you on their recovery results not what metal was shipped. What if they make a mistake?


Sorry but that’s how we pay you!

This makes making more money in the e-waste recycling business very difficult. 

Currently gold is rapidly rising in price. You deserve to get your fair share. You know you could be making much more if you were fairly treated or had all the necessary information.


If you are like most recyclers, you have a successful business but because margins are mostly small, cash flow is often a challenge, there is little consistency to the business, making it harder to manage and many times you don’t know if you’ve been ripped off. Even if you haven’t, it often feels like you have.

  • There is an alternative

  • It's transparent, everything is an open book

  • It's US-based

  • You get paid in 48 hours and you can send small shipments of only a few hundred pounds

 Take the work out of precious metal sales and refining

Many refiners promise you 80% or more of the gold value but by the time you get paid, much of this has been clawed back in various charges, you no longer have the material as it has been shipped and you have to wait months for payment. We offer a simpler and more transparent way.


Save time on understanding the value of your material
What recyclers need is an accurate way to determine the proper value of their gold rich

e-waste before it is shipped, an understanding that they are being properly compensated and to receive payment immediately. And that’s what we do.  Once you know the secret you can take advantage of it immediately. 


You will never have to worry about the proper value of their gold rich e-waste, being properly compensated and receiving payment without undue delay.

Gold Concierge® 

Here it is – the most successful recyclers are taking advantage of a “Gold Concierge® That’s it. That’s all there is to it, but of course delivering greater profits on every shipment isn’t easy.  However having an industry insider, as a single point of contact, whose job it is to focus on looking after your needs in an open and transparent manner, helping you optimize your precious metals business and acting as a point of reference for industry trends, insights and information makes it very simple to know if your refiner is being honest with you, is being transparent and has your interests at heart. It’s a winning strategy.

R2 Certification

UMI has contracted with Greeneye Partners LLC to help us to prepare our procedures and operations to satisfy the requirements of R2v3 certification.  As part of the R2 certification process, we will be ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety) certified.  We are planning to start the auditing process in 1Q 2021 and obtain certification in 2Q 2021.

The R2 standard focuses on the performance of electronics recyclers in the following areas:

  • Environmental  

  • Public health 

  • Worker health and safety 

  • Security (data and facility) 

  • The whole of the recycling process and chain of custody of materials through final disposition. 


While waiting for our certification, UMI adheres to the standards required for the certification.


Let’s consider a 200 lb shipment of memory chips and gold rich fingers. The gold price changes everyday, throughout the day. Which direction is it going? Up or down?  What’s the shipment worth?  How do you get the best deal? How do you improve your margin? How do you expedite payment?

The job of the Gold Concierge®is to simplify the process and understanding of the complexities of an ever-changing e-scrap stream, provide accurate pricing, and leverage the metals market in favor of suppliers.


It might seem counter intuitive but by ensuring that the recycler gets a better price, this creates a “positive feedback loop” and the refiner gets more of the material the refiner needs. Both the refiner and the recycler are happy, and the recycler makes more money as a result. The refiner earns a fixed margin and so the refiner’s needs are met as well.

Stringent Testing

When you have a shipment to sell, a call to the Gold Concierge can give you an immediate understanding of what your shipment is worth. As long as you know the weight and have an accurate description of the material, we can give you an immediate idea of the value. Photographs are an ideal tool for improving the accuracy of our quotes to you. The value is calculated by multiplying the spot price of gold by the weight of the gold contained in the materials you want to ship. This is merely an estimate for calculating our first payment to you. This can usually be done in 48 hours.


Once the material is shipped and received at our plant, the material is photographed, and samples are taken. These samples are then processed by technicians in our wet chemistry laboratory, especially set up for providing quick testing and accurate answers you can rely on. 


Our tests confirm the gold content and the value of the shipment. The final payment is based on these tests. Any major deviance from our original quote will be immediately communicated to you via the Gold Concierge.


As mentioned above first payment on your shipment can be received in 48 hours of the quote by the Gold Concierge. The balance owed is payable within 2 weeks of receiving the shipment at our plant. Any queries on what the final payment is and when you will receive it are best directed to your Gold Concierge.

Built for recyclers

Access to profile and orders

At anytime, should you have questions, it is a simple matter to visit the website, put in your details and see a complete breakdown of what was quoted, what was received, the independent analysis and when you can expect payment. If you cant find the information you want on line a single call to the Gold Concierge should have it resolved.